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The Morning AfterThe Morning After


A True Erotic Confession… The morning was unusually cold when I had awoken in a big soft bed, under many layers. The sun had barely risen and I haven’t slept for as long as I wanted to, but it was… Read more →






Tempting the Fates


A True Erotic Confession… Although not full-fledged exhibitionists, my husband and I have discovered that the occasional risk – no matter how remote – of getting caught in flagrante delicto adds a little spice to our sex life… Read more →






Strawberries and SexHip-notizing Moves for Better Sex


Sometimes it is the simplest things that can bring us the most exquisite sexual pleasure. No props required. No acrobatic sex positions needed. By merely changing the way we move our hips – those anatomical wonders that help us… Read more →






Rethinking IntercourseRethinking Intercourse


Part of cultivating sexual pleasure in our relationship requires that we take time to debunk, challenge and discard many of the myths and misconceptions we have surrounding sexuality. For it is often these sexual mythologies that we have been told… Read more →






Sexual SpankingSexual Spanking


Fleshy, visually-erotic and highly sensitive during arousal, the derriere is perfectly designed to be spanked by a loving partner during sexual play. And since they share the same neural pathways to the brain as the genitals, stimulating these “cheeky” orbs… Read more →





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