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Rethinking IntercourseRethinking Intercourse

Part of cultivating sexual pleasure in our relationship requires that we take time to debunk, challenge and discard many of the myths and misconceptions we have surrounding sexuality. For it is often these sexual mythologies that we have been told – usually out of ignorance or fear – that compromise our sexual satisfaction by generating undue stress and anxiety in… Read more →




Sexual SpankingSexual Spanking

Fleshy, visually-erotic and highly sensitive during arousal, the derriere is perfectly designed to be spanked by a loving partner during sexual play. And since they share the same neural pathways to the brain as the genitals, stimulating these “cheeky” orbs can also be a potent source of sensual pleasure for the recipient. Sexual spanking of the buttocks inspires an increased… Read more →




Seated Sex Position

If you are seeking a sex position that affords an intensely intimate, tender experience consider making love while you are both seated; the preferred position of many ancient cultures before the missionary position was introduced. With the seated sex position, the man sits upright with his legs crossed or in front of him while the woman sits on top… Read more →




Your Sex File

Since our erotic minds respond strongly to visual stimulation, why not make that boring old filing cabinet sizzle by creating a brand new file labeled, “sex”? Clip and save anything that represents or symbolizes the experiences, feelings or objects that you feel are important to your romantic and sexual pleasure. Should you not have a filing cabinet, consider using a… Read more →




Strawberries and Sex Strawberries and Sex

Because of its heart shape, red colour and abundance of external seeds, the succulent strawberry has long been associated with love, sensuality and fertility. Greek mythology places the origins of the wild strawberry with the Goddess Aphrodite who, upon the death of the beautiful but mortal Adonis wept with such passion that her tears fell to the ground as… Read more →




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