Squeeze Him to Please Him


There is a delightful technique that you can perform on your partner during intercourse that involves squeezing and rippling your vaginal muscles around his penis. While this technique will certainly require some practice and skill by way of Kegel exercises, the result is a deeply satisfying experience that will not only intensify his sexual pleasure… Read More

“Office Retreat”

handcuffs and panties

She could smell both of their orgasmic residues inside of her as she readjusted in her chair. Or that’s what she was imagining smelling. He was presenting the next quarterly projections, but felt like they had a connection. She was his safety, the person he looked at most in a crowd. They were office friends,… Read More

The Perfect Blowjob


The perfect blow job. She asks for it, anticipates it but only because she desires it. She slowly and seductively takes him in her mouth. Teasing with her tongue. Pleasing him with her lips and movements; adoring the feel of him. She gazes at him with wanting eyes; a look of lust apparent on her… Read More

In Praise of the Cunnilingus Connoisseur


Almost every sexually experienced woman has encountered at least one man who is adept at pleasuring the cleft between her thighs. These oral sex specialists are often perceived with a sense of wonderment and awe for their seemingly innate ability to bring a woman to her knees with a strategic flick of their tongue. Referring to… Read More

The Only Five Sex Positions You Need to Know


Should you decide to peruse the plethora of sex position books, websites and one-a-day calendars currently available, you would soon realize as I did. That disguised beneath those provocative poses and clever little names, every single sensual suggestion is simply a variation of the five basic sex positions: Man on Top Women on Top Rear Entry Side… Read More

“Head Games”

handcuffs and panties

That feeling that emanates directly from her lips and mouth to render you to your knees as soon as they embrace your manhood.   Enticing you with perfect skill and fervor to make you sing a capella.  It renders you hostage for as long as it takes for you to get there.   For her to have the knowledge and wherewithal… Read More

10 Scintillating Benefits of Solo Sex


May has been designated as International Masturbation Month. In celebration of solo sex – the most commonly practiced sexual act around the world – here are the top ten reasons I believe every man and women, regardless of age or relationship status, should make self-pleasuring a life-long activity. Masturbation is the single most important thing we… Read More

Floor It


Whether it is languid, sensual lovemaking in front of a fireplace or a more torrid, spontaneous sex session in the kitchen or elsewhere; the floor – that ubiquitous hard surface – can easily accommodate both our naughty and nice sexual natures without the need of a bed. For many individuals, floor sex offers more than… Read More

A Perfectly Passionate First Time


A True Erotic Confession… This is the true story of my wife Angie and our first time making love. We had been seeing each other for over a year. From the moment I first set eyes on her I knew she was the one. After only 9 months of dating I asked her to be… Read More

Scentsational Sex


Erotic triggers are those sensual experiences, memories, fantasies or props which connects you to your sexual self and catapults you into delicious and wild abandon. They can make you feel sexy at will, hasten your desire and admiration for your partner’s body and unleash the deeper, wilder, more daring parts of yourself. They can push your… Read More

Semen Can Put Her in a Good Mood


For the woman with no aversion to her partner’s sexual fluids or who does not require a condom for protection against pregnancy or STIs, a wonderful sense of mental and emotional well-being awaits her should she allow him to finish inside of her. It may be a little messy, but in a healthy partner, ejaculate… Read More

“Train Encounter”

handcuffs and panties

This train journey will be a few hours ride All inclusive service my ticket provides I scan a few train cars and eventually see you there Sitting innocently engrossed in the outside atmosphere You are so beautiful; I automatically feel a sense of lust, Looking around to see if we are alone, none we can… Read More

Tongue Teasers


It seems the primary objective for many couples is sexual intercourse; often hurrying through or completely abandoning the pleasures of oral intimacy. However, the clever use of that versatile little love muscle – the tongue – can provide greater arousal and intensity during sexual play. Tongue Exercises Partaking in extended licking and lapping of a… Read More

Maintenance Sex


While busy work schedules, child-rearing and household chores may conspire to keep us out of the bedroom; it seems our libido cannot withstand the neglect for too long. Without regular sexual activity, we will ultimately lose our sex drive, our sexual chemistry potential, as well as our ability to comfortably connect with our lover. And… Read More

How He Can Orgasm from a Blowjob


There are many men having no difficulty achieving orgasm with vaginal intercourse or solo sex who cannot always climax when receiving a blowjob. Here are some tried and true ways in which that can be remedied. The Brain: Your Other Sex Organ Without question, your brain is the most significant and most potent sex organ… Read More