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9 Creative Habits for Better Sex9 Creative Habits for Better Sex


Stimulating. Fluid. Connected. Inspired. Blissful. Mysterious. Transcendent. Have you ever noticed that the words people use to describe creative flow or peak sexual experiences are identical? Or when we are completely immersed in either a sexual act or a creative… Read more →






Hi Honey, I’m Home (Or How I Spent My Summer Vacation)Hi Honey, I’m Home (Or How I Spent My Summer Vacation)


Now that the summer season has officially drawn to a close, I have returned to my online home brimming with newfound insights and experiences acquired during my lively sojourn. And I cannot wait to share them with you. Admittedly, my initial… Read more →





Hanky SpankyHanky Spanky


A True Erotic Confession… I arrived at your door breathless. It wasn’t so much the speed at which I had run to get there. It was more about the anticipation of spending time exploring the connection we had made … Read more →






Week of Wow (Part 3)Week of Wow (Part 3)


A True Erotic Confession… (Catch up on the rest of the story by reading Part I and Part II) I woke up that next morning and reflected on how much we had done to elevate our sexual communication with… Read more →






Week of Wow (Day 2)Week of Wow (Part 2)


A True Erotic Confession… The next day of the conference was busy as expected, and my wife had lots to do to get caught up on being weeks away from home. I would have to settle for the occasional… Read more →








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