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sex towel

Sex Towel

Historically-speaking, the towel has often carried ritual significance. In Japan, for example, the small hot towel provided before a meal or tea has always served to cleanse the soul as well as the hands. In Turkey, towels were used in such things as ceremonial baths of brides before her wedding as well as other important occasions later in life.… Read more →


Oral Pleasuring with Champagne

Champagne, a lightly bubbled aperitif that looks like liquid diamonds, can bring a luxurious, unexpected delight to oral sex for both him and her. What you will need One chilled bottle of Champagne, Prosecco, frizzante or other sparkling wine. Sparkling cider can also be used if you… Read more →

foreplay fun

A Little Foreplay Fun

A True Erotic Confession… Because of the line of work my husband and I are in, we often attend networking mixers. While a necessary part of the business, it can get rather tedious at times. But rather than succumb to the monotony, Shane and I have decided to use these opportunities not only to build business connections with others but… Read more →


The Art of Finger Penetration

Whether it is a stealthy rub while she dresses for work, a tantalizing promise of things to come while making out in the car or a hot, steamy session in the privacy of their bedroom, finger penetration can often be as mind-blowing as intercourse for a woman. For finger penetration to be an exquisite sexual experience for both partners it should be… Read more →

Watching Her Play

Watching Her Play…Part 1

A True Erotic Confession… Early in the morning you awake So aroused; a decision you must make My job has kept me late so you decide to masturbate Your very wet pussy will soon enjoy something great Sliding hands up your waist to nipples fully erect Rolling them between your fingers as if to inspect Mind race with images of… Read more →


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