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10 Oral Delights Just for Him

Bursting with sexual potency, the male penis is such a wondrous instrument of beauty and sensual pleasure that it can literally bring a lover to their knees. And while every man proudly possesses one, its many variances in shape, colour, curvature, size and sensitivities make each penis as unique as the man to whom it belongs. A man’s love shaft… Read more →




His Proposal

A True Erotic Confession… Many years ago, a tall, handsome man approached me. I knew immediately what he wanted, given his reputation as a womanizer, but I refused him. This went on for weeks, him asking me out and me refusing him, until one day that is, when I finally relented to his proposal. It was a Friday when his charms… Read more →




Her Belly Button Her Belly Button

Erotic triggers are those sensual experiences, memories, fantasies or props which connects you to your sexual self and catapults you into delicious and wild abandon. They can make you feel sexy at will, hasten your desire and admiration for your partner’s body and unleash the deeper, wilder, more daring parts of yourself. They can push your sexual boundaries and free you… Read more →




Elixir for LoversAn Elixir for Lovers

Cool, invigorating and bursting with the primal stuff of life, water truly is an elixir for lovers. Every cell of our beautiful bodies literally owes its life to an adequate supply of fresh, clean water. For when the body does not receive a constant, reliable supply of water,… Read more →





erotic scratchingSexual Scratching 

Gripping and scratching your lover’s body with your fingernails during the peak of passionate lovemaking is not a sexual encounter that is easily forgotten. Especially since the lingering love marks will no doubt be a fond token of remembrance for whoever is wearing them…but only until they fade. “The love of a woman who sees the marks of nails… Read more →




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