The rear entry or “doggy style” sex position is a favourite for both men and women alike.


  • Excellent G-Spot stimulation for the woman as the deep penetration can hit the front wall of her vagina.
  • Both the man and the woman can easily stimulate the woman’s clitoris in this position.
  • Great position for the less endowed man; by tilting the woman’s hips upwards and towards his penis when thrusting, he can provide good stimulation.
  • Allows the man to take charge of the rhythm, depth of thrust and angle of penetration; try varying the thrusts between long and slow and short and fast for extra pleasure.
  • Good position for a woman in later stages of pregnancy.
  • Enables stroking of the woman’s back, bum and breasts.
  • An “Ass” man will appreciate the view.
  • Versatile and ideal position for a quickie!

 POSSIBLE CHALLENGES:               

  • May become uncomfortable for the man or woman with knee problems; try a standing position.
  • The man may find insertion difficult if he is not completely erect.
  • The deep penetration of this position may be uncomfortable for the woman.
  • The man may ejaculate too quickly in this position.
  • Inadequate positioning may make insertion difficult; try changing the location or position of the woman’s arms, legs and/or hips.
  • There is little eye-to-eye contact with this position.
  • Difficult to kiss in this position.


Using a mirror. To promote eye contact and add visual stimulation, try performing this position in front of a mirror where both of you can enjoy the view.
♥ Engaging in a little sensual “rough” play. For extra spice – and if both partners are willing – the man can stroke and (gently) spank the woman’s bottom while he is thrusting behind her. Another suggestion? If the woman’s hair is long enough, she could put it in a ponytail for the man to (gently) grab while he is thrusting into her.
Adding a vibrator. For more stimulation for the woman, a vibrator can be used to stroke her clitoral region in time with his thrusting.

Doggy Style

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