If you’re ready to transform the classic missionary sex position into something that will have you both flying in ecstasy, try the “Butterfly”. It is an incredibly stimulating position without a high-energy commitment that can be done almost anywhere.

The woman lies on her back with her hips on the edge of a platform (bed, sofa, table) while the man penetrates her while standing or kneeling between her legs.


  • The woman is not weighed down by the man’s body giving her greater range of motion.
  • The woman can easily position herself in order to stimulate the different parts of her vagina; such as arching her back and tilting her pelvis.
  • Plenty of full frontal nudity for couples who are stimulated visually.
  • Adds variety to the angle and depth of penetration; deep penetration can produce intense vaginal and uterine orgasms while shallow penetration can allow the man to stimulate the anterior vaginal wall to hit the G-spot.
  • Enables the man to easily withdraw and then fully thrust the penis; with faster and more forceful thrusts.
  • The man can raise, support or restrict the movement of the woman’s pelvis for greater titillation and pleasure.
  • Allows for good eye contact between partners for greater intimacy.
  • Very comfortable position for both partners.


  • This position may not provide enough stimulation for the woman to reach clitoral orgasm.
  • May become uncomfortable for the man who is on his knees. (try kneeling on pillows).


Engaging in a little solo action (her). Add a little personal sizzle by using a vibrator or your free hands to stimulate your breasts and clitoris. Don’t worry, when your man sees you indulging in your own pleasure, you’ll send his arousal flying.

Alternating leg position (her).  Try feet flat on the floor or legs dangling over the edge of the platform or feet placed on the platform or placed on the man’s chest or over his shoulders – each change of position will add a delicious new sensation and experience.

Slowing down the thrust action (him).  This is a great position for deep, fast thrusting but try doing it s-l-o-w-l-y. The result?  Mind-blowing.




2 comments on “The Butterfly Sex Position

  1. Beth

    I really love your blog and just wanted to say thank you for suggesting this position! After 3 years of marriage things were getting a little dull because my husband rarely sways from the missionary position whereas I prefer to be a bit more experimental. This position gives both of us what we need. Woo-hoo!

    1. The Passionate Wife Post author

      Beth, I am so delighted you and your husband have found a (very happy) medium. Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing from you again!

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