There are women who see the penis as nothing more than an ugly, protruding dumb stick that men love and obsess over; robbing them of their capacity for reason and often getting them into trouble. And then there are those women who see the penis in all its sensual glory; a love shaft of pure pleasure so hot that it can only be quenched by her mouth, vulva or back door. Which woman are you?

Do you look upon your man’s most prized possession as something to tolerate or even avoid or do you see his magnificent member as something that can fill you with desire and trigger your deepest hungers? Do you see his throbbing manhood as something that can penetrate you with sweet, unbearable pleasure until your toes curl and your body shudders? Can you learn to love his penis as much as he does?

A man’s penis is truly the key to his heart. Unlike a woman’s sexuality – which encompasses her entire body and is at least as emotional as it is physical – a man’s sexuality is centered in this one physical organ. Loving it, touching it, placing it in your mouth and other body parts will not only please him physically, it will create a deep emotional bond between the two of you as well.

If you are unsure about the best way to embrace the wonder and beauty of your man’s virile rod of masculinity here are a few suggestions:


penis worship

  1. At your next lovemaking session, slowly remove your partner’s clothes. When he is naked, show your admiration for his manhood by kissing it first; even before you kiss his mouth. Give it a quick lick before kissing and licking seductively to other parts of his body. This will gradually initiate your guy into full-body eroticism.
  2. Anytime you perform a hand or blow job, do it with enthusiasm. Use words or sounds to indicate your enjoyment.
  3. Consider sending your guy a sexy text complimenting his penis or you can text something like, “I can’t stop thinking about your penis. If you were here now I would…”  It will definitely make his day!
  4. Be generous with compliments when having sex but be honest and sincere.
  5. If you are having trouble developing Penis Lust while performing oral sex, try receiving it with your mouth instead of giving oral sex. Focus on the sensations you feel without worrying about his. Let your tongue and inner lips feel the silkiness of your man’s shaft of love, its swollen ripeness and its heat. Make this as much of a sensual delight for you as it will be for him.

A women who can shift her perspective to embrace penis worship and join her man’s admiration of his glorious manhood will soon discover just what a turn on it can be for both him AND her. So enjoy its power, virility, and potency. Let it intrigue you and astound you. Adore it, caress it, name it, adorn it and swoon over it. When you can see, smell and taste his penis as the love scepter that it is, it will enchant you both. Out of your penis worship and lust you will no doubt discover passionate new ways to pleasure both you and your man…and he will be helplessly smitten.♥


42 comments on “A Woman’s Guide to Penis Worship

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  3. Rob

    Well-written and a must-read for every woman. Thanks Passionate Wife!

  4. Marco

    Amazing post! Showed it to my long-time GF and she thought it was great too. Keep up the great writing PW! :)

  5. Don

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Passionate Wife! My wife has never really been a fan of performing oral sex in the 12 years we have been married BUT after I showed her this wonderfully written blog post, something must have clicked with her because she was “worshiping” my penis like never before!! I have had the best sex in the last week because of you and your amazing blog post, so Mucho Gracias!!

    1. The Passionate Wife Post author

      Awesomeness! I always love hearing such positive experiences as a result of my blog; it is truly the reason I write it! I am so happy for both you and your wife and wish you continued sexual pleasure in the future! :D

  6. SLU

    Great post Passionate Wife:) Wishing my hubby was here now, yum!

  7. Hannibal

    Excellent posting.. This concept should be taught, learned & most importantly well practiced by women globally.. if not interfered with & diverted from, it is most likely an instinct of the female.. Afterall, regarding mating, it is one of the principal foundations for her being created..

    1. The Passionate Wife Post author

      Thank you Michael. I wish your wife would take a moment to read it as well; as much for her benefit as well as yours… :)

  8. Jellybean

    Awesome post! Luckily for my man, I already do all of this, so I can’t say I learned anything new, but I agree all women who wish to please their man should read this! How about a similar post for men about how to worship his lady’s naughty bits? Now THAT would be great, if it hasn’t been done of course.

    1. The Passionate Wife Post author

      Hiya Jellybean,

      I am glad you enjoyed the post and you are right, I do need to write about how a man can “worship” a women’s vagina. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

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  12. Chipmunk

    Any advice for a willing girlfriend with a terrible gag reflex?

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  20. Jenni

    I definetly worship my hubby’s manhood, even going so far to kiss it goodnight and hold it in my hands as we cuddle and drift off to dreamland. Im happy to find a tasteful and well written article to share with my girlfriends!

    1. Tracey Post author

      Hiya Jenni,

      It is wonderful to hear how you appreciate your hubby in a manner that will no doubt make him (and his manhood) feeling incredibly special; good for you both! And thank you for the compliment about the article; it is greatly appreciated! :)

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  25. Sim

    i really am happy to read this. More woman need to realize that this isn’t just about satisfying their man. its about having a healthy and passionate relationship. kudos to you PW. now we need to disseminate this.

  26. Jake47

    Excellent, well written piece.
    Few women really understand how important an active health sex life is to any long-term relationship.
    You want him to spend more time with you and be in a more ‘appreciative’ mood, then you have to do a little penis worship.
    When we are alone, my wife makes me strip and then leads me by the penis to where she needs me to be. She will then ensure I am taken care of, naturally I reciprocate.
    When she first started this, I asked why? She said that when I’m taken care of she can more easily get me to take care of her as I am more relaxed and less rushed.
    Afterwards, we have intercourse and it is wonderful, slow and full of passion.

  27. Shobha

    Ecxellent explanation. Give us more and more advices how to suck penis…

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