When it comes to sexual intercourse, many women would be delighted – in more ways than one – if their men viewed thrusting as something more than just a race to the finish line. Thrusting is a wonderful time for loving couples to touch, kiss and even dialogue – whether whispering sweet nothings or engaging in dirty talk. Thrusting can also encourage intimacy and a sense of connection. Couples who believe the sole reason for thrusting is to achieve orgasm often end up suffering from mechanical sex that is devoid of any emotional depth and lasting enjoyment.

Faster…harder…deeper…slower…the man who learns to vary his thrusting technique during penetrative sex will not only be able to last longer, he will be rewarded with greater arousal and delight for both himself and his partner.

That Memorable First Thrust

I am going to let you in on a little secret. Many women, once aroused, consider the very first penis thrust to be one of their most favourite parts of intercourse. Make it amazing and send her soaring by asking her exactly how she would like your first stroke. Is she in the mood to be teased with a few shallow thrusts, having you enter her only an inch or two?  Would she prefer you enter her halfway while circling your hips? Or does she like one luscious thrust right to the hilt? Once she shares her preference with you, respond accordingly.

The Shallow Thrust

A women’s vagina is really quite remarkable; it changes shape with each penis thrust during intercourse allowing every stroke to stimulate thousands of nerve endings and increase her sexual pleasure. For the majority of women, the most sensitive part of her honey pot is actually the opening and up to an inch or so deep. When a woman is aroused, this part of her vagina also becomes the tightest.

Shallow thrusting enables the tightest part of her vagina to wrap around the most sensitive part of your manhood; just below the head. So shallow thrusting allows the ridge around your penis to stimulate this tight, sensitive part of her fiery furnace; making shallow thrusting an extremely enjoyable experience for both of you.

For those men who have a penis with a compact head and is thicker around the middle of the shaft; try putting the thickest part at her vaginal opening for better stimulation.

62 comments on “The Fine Art of Penis Thrusting

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  2. Jake47

    Another excellent piece Tracey.
    The more I read on here the better I get to understand and fine tune my own techniques.
    I have studied women when on top and found that many do a lot of rhythmic grinding and clitoral rubbing and some finish off with hard riding, but still move their hips between ‘thrust cycles’. (bad word, but I refer to it as jack hammering – like in the pornos- one of the very few useful techniques).

    What I did see was that most started licking their lips when they were in the zone.

    Others rubbed up and down their torsos (I usually did the breast massaging- if I needed to apply pressure they would squeeze my hands).

    I didn’t know how important the first thrust is, but will now keep that in mind and will test it out soonest.

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