When it comes to sexual intercourse, many women would be delighted – in more ways than one – if their men viewed thrusting as something more than just a race to the finish line. Thrusting is a wonderful time for loving couples to touch, kiss and even dialogue – whether whispering sweet nothings or engaging in dirty talk. Thrusting can also encourage intimacy and a sense of connection. Couples who believe the sole reason for thrusting is to achieve orgasm often end up suffering from mechanical sex that is devoid of any emotional depth and lasting enjoyment.

Faster…harder…deeper…slower…the man who learns to vary his thrusting technique during penetrative sex will not only be able to last longer, he will be rewarded with greater arousal and delight for both himself and his partner.

That Memorable First Thrust


I am going to let you in on a little secret. Many women, once aroused, consider the very first penis thrust to be one of their most favourite parts of intercourse. Make it amazing and send her soaring by asking her exactly how she would like your first stroke. Is she in the mood to be teased with a few shallow thrusts, having you enter her only an inch or two?  Would she prefer you enter her halfway while circling your hips? Or does she like one luscious thrust right to the hilt? Once she shares her preference with you, respond accordingly.

The Shallow Thrust


A women’s vagina is really quite remarkable; it changes shape with each penis thrust during intercourse allowing every stroke to stimulate thousands of nerve endings and increase her sexual pleasure. For the majority of women, the most sensitive part of her honey pot is actually the opening and up to an inch or so deep. When a woman is aroused, this part of her vagina also becomes the tightest.

Shallow thrusting enables the tightest part of her vagina to wrap around the most sensitive part of your manhood; just below the head. So shallow thrusting allows the ridge around your penis to stimulate this tight, sensitive part of her fiery furnace; making shallow thrusting an extremely enjoyable experience for both of you.

For those men who have a penis with a compact head and is thicker around the middle of the shaft; try putting the thickest part at her vaginal opening for better stimulation.

The Deep Penetration Thrust


Unless your penis is really long or your woman’s vagina is really shallow, deep penetration can be quite heavenly for both of you. Deep thrusting is excellent for G-spot stimulation. It also allows you to position your pelvic bone directly onto her clitoral region permitting her to rub against it to help trigger a clitoral orgasm. Deep thrusting also enables your penis to tug on the inner lips (labia minora) of her vagina for a longer period of time which can also provide more stimulation to her clitoral region. Some women find deep thrusting to the back of their vagina highly pleasurable when approaching orgasm because that area is sensitive to stretching and pressure and the deep strokes will make sure your penis is there for her to contract around.

There may be times during deep penetration thrusting when your rigid shaft slams against your woman’s cervix causing her pain.Try waiting until she is highly aroused before deep thrusting because an aroused cervix actually rises up allowing it (hopefully) to get out of the way of your deep strokes.

Combination Thrusting


Mixing up the thrusting between shallow and deep strokes is certainly something you and your partner will want to try. Some Tantric sex masters caution against continuous deep thrusting during penetrative sex.They believe that the vagina does best with a ratio of five to nine shallow thrusts to every deep thrust. Another thrusting technique involves starting with a ratio of seven shallow thrusts for every deep thrust and then counting down until the ratio is one shallow thrust to one deep thrust. Try different combinations to determine what works best.

What Kind of Thrusting Does She Want?


Contrary to what you may have seen in porn, not all women enjoy having their most secret place rammed deep and furious during intercourse. Some women prefer a slower more sensual thrusting rhythm. There are, of course, some women who prefer both; a slow start that ends with a hard finish. A great way to determine what strokes work best for your partner during intercourse is when she is in the woman-on-top or “cowgirl” position.This allows you to watch and feel how she moves up and down your erect shaft helping you discover which parts of her vagina she focuses the head on. Does she just ride the head of your penis or does she slam down repeatedly on your entire shaft for deeper penetration? Does she ride rhythmically up and down or does she keep your manhood deep inside her and rub her clitoris on your pubic bone? Does she lean forward or backward?  Does she fondle her breasts or clitoris while your penis is inside her? How does she help with the speed and rhythm?  Where does she look? Where does she touch you? Pay attention and you will soon discover what kind of thrusting gives her the most pleasure.

After experimenting with different modes of thrusting, you and your partner will no doubt end up with a variety of styles to choose from. Will it be hot and frantic, fun and playful, slow and gentle, passionate and intense or deep and sensuous?  The choice is entirely up to you…♥

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  1. Neil

    Awesome stuff. Every man should read this. These are all things my partner and I do and it raises the sexual experience tenfold. I really liked last weeks breast massaging techniques and tips…..and they worked too!! It is nice to read and get tips from something other than Maxim or FHM rags…although, I have many tips from them too.

    Great stuff Tracey

    1. The Passionate Wife Post author

      Thanks so very much Neil!! I am absolutely delighted that you are reading (and applying) the information provided on http://www.thepassionatewife.com! Your support is very much appreciated and it is always so encouraging to hear people like yourself and your partner taking an active role in cultivating sexual pleasure in their relationship…kudos to you, my friend!

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  3. Chrissy

    OMG…this post should be mandatory reading for any man who wants to be a great lover! Another excellent post Passionate Wife – Thank you! :)

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  8. Eddie

    Well I’m that guy everyone’s talking about, I have a new love in my life and even though I’m more experienced it does not make me a great teacher, this is PERFECT.
    I’ll stay tuned.
    Thanks Tracey.

    1. Tracey Post author

      You are very welcome and big congratulations on your new relationship Eddie; it’s always wonderful to hear such news. Be sure to keep us posted! :D

  9. Angelica

    Love love love this! Thanks for writing this in such an honest and helpful way.

  10. shatyra bussey

    Very helpful and interesting article/post.

    1. Tracey Post author

      Thanks so much Shatyra; I am so glad you found the article informative! :)

  11. Tora Spigner RN

    Thank you for this. Also, women should be aware that their partner’s circumcision status has a lot to do with his thrusting. Intact men are better equipped to facilitate natural and normal sexual intercourse and the advantage is felt by both partners.
    When thrusting, the circumcised penis typically uses an Elongated Stroke, whereby, on the outstroke, the penis withdraws far outside the vagina. Doing so exposes vaginal lubrication on the penis to the open air where it evaporates. Consequently, as circumcised sex progresses, vaginal lubrication tends to dry up, contributing to friction irritation and vaginal soreness. Its use of an Elongated Thrusting Stroke is also one of the reasons why the circumcised penis typically “bangs and pounds” during intercourse.
    Natural Penis’s Short Strokes Retain Vaginal Lubrication
    Natural penis typically uses a short thrusting stroke, while residing deep within the vagina. Use of a short thrusting stroke exposes less shaft skin to the open air, so evaporation is minimized. Minimal evaporation, plus the bunching action of the foreskin that seals in vaginal lubrication, means that during natural sex, natural lubrication stays inside the vagina.
    So if your partner is cut, he can restore and become more like a natural penis and if you have a son or grandson, make sure he stays intact for his best future sexual life!

    1. James

      This comment is completely false! I could elaborate but do I really need to?

      1. Tora Spigner RN

        James, spoken like a circumcised man. Many men have non-surgically restored their foreskins for a better sex life for themselves and their partners. “I’ve been restoring for almost two months and it’s hard to believe, sex with my wife is getting better. I actually have more feeling. It’s great.
        -35 yr old man. CA” Check out Norm.org for more testimonies.

    2. Phyllis Stein

      I’m not buying this explanation and the false-ringing formalism, with capitalized letters no less, of talk that includes talk of such terms as the “Elongated Thrusting Stroke.” I have heard of surveys where, in the case of European women, the women expressed greater satisfaction with uncircumcised penises (by how much, and by how many women, I can’t say), but the idea that sex progresses with LESS lubrication makes no sense. Besides an increasing amount of pre-ejaculate as the man’s excitement increases, the woman generally does get more wet as her excitement increases. (If either partner is getting less wet during intercourse, might I suggest a sex therapist, couples counselor, or visit to the doctor?)

      Maybe for some people, at some times of their hormonal cycle, or phase of life (which certainly makes sense), penis physiology that preserved lubricant during copulation would have advantages.

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  13. PJ

    Great stuff! I would recommend this read and information to any man. And thank you for sharing that little secret. I’m going to read more of your sex tips.

    1. Tracey Post author

      Wow…thank so very much PJ! I am delighted you found the article so informative and I am so happy that you are going to stick around to check out the blog…thank you. :D

  14. Roberto Alexis Valencia

    This was an incredible read. I’ve been working on this for sometime without even fully knowing what it was I was trying to learn. So inspirational.

    1. Tracey Post author

      Thank you so much Roberto! I am delighted you enjoyed the article and more importantly, that you have included the fine art of penis thrusting into your sexual repertoire. Good for you – and for your lovers! ;)

  15. dr. candi dugas

    great stuff – thank you for your work!

  16. Allison

    I am actually really lucky as my partner does majority of what your article talks about. It is the best and most intimate sex of my life. You have definitely hit the nail on the head. I really hope men do read this article, it would make them such better lovers.

    1. Tracey Post author

      Thank you so much for sharing Allison. I am always so delighted to hear when couples have a passionate relationship; it makes me very happy. Thank you as well for your complimentary words. :D

  17. Michael

    I read lots of books on sexual satisfaction, but this short article sums everything up and is straightforward. Good job. I’m about to do some combination thrusting. lol

    1. Tracey Post author

      Thanks so much Michael; I appreciate your feedback. Oh and happy thrusting! ;)

  18. Kelvyn

    I would be remiss not to mention this. On a rare occasion, if a man and woman match well, and you both work slowly and carefully, and the woman is relaxed and ready and willing, you actually can fuck a woman’s cervix. Oh yeah.

    1. Tracey Post author

      That is absolutely correct Kelvyn…thank you very much for mentioning it! :D

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  21. Doriann

    Brilliant! Forwarding to my man right away….and my male friends. Boy are their wives gonna owe me big time! lolol

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  23. Mike

    I used your advice on my new partner. She was absolutely thrilled and stated that nobody has rocked her world like that before! Thank you so much! I am looking forward to more great topics.

    1. Tracey Post author

      That is absolutely wonderful to hear Mike. Truly. I am delighted that both you and your partner had such a pleasurable time using these techniques. Awesome. :)

  24. Yusuf

    The article is really very informative, all men’s must have to read. So helpful,

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  26. Messin Joe

    you do not have a penis and feel like you can write an article on penis thrusting?
    this piece of writing is as shallow as it is hollow. You have reference penis thrusting in regards to the vagina and continuously talk as though the only role of the phallus is to stimulate women.

    tell me, what does the first thrust feel like for a man. or do we have to ask our partners permission to pleasure ourselves sexually?

  27. Rebekah

    This is my first time pay a quick visit at here and i am
    actually impressed to read everthing at single place.

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  29. Jake47

    Another excellent piece Tracey.
    The more I read on here the better I get to understand and fine tune my own techniques.
    I have studied women when on top and found that many do a lot of rhythmic grinding and clitoral rubbing and some finish off with hard riding, but still move their hips between ‘thrust cycles’. (bad word, but I refer to it as jack hammering – like in the pornos- one of the very few useful techniques).

    What I did see was that most started licking their lips when they were in the zone.

    Others rubbed up and down their torsos (I usually did the breast massaging- if I needed to apply pressure they would squeeze my hands).

    I didn’t know how important the first thrust is, but will now keep that in mind and will test it out soonest.

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