A Woman’s Guide to Penis Worship

There are women who see the penis as nothing more than an ugly, protruding dumb stick that men love and obsess over; robbing them of their capacity for reason and often getting them into trouble. And then there are those women who see the penis in all its sensual glory; a love shaft of pure pleasure so hot that it can only be quenched by her mouth, vulva or back door. Which woman are you?

Do you look upon your man’s most prized possession as something to tolerate or even avoid or do you see his magnificent member as something that can fill you with desire and trigger your deepest hungers? Do you see his throbbing manhood as something that can penetrate you with sweet, unbearable pleasure until your toes curl and your body shudders? Can you learn to love his penis as much as he does?

A man’s penis is truly the key to his heart. Unlike a woman’s sexuality – which encompasses her entire body and is at least as emotional as it is physical – a man’s sexuality is centered in this one physical organ. Loving it, touching it, placing it in your mouth and other body parts will not only please him physically, it will create a deep emotional bond between the two of you as well.

 If you are unsure about the best way to embrace the wonder and beauty of your man’s virile rod of masculinity here are a few suggestions:

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