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Week of Wow (Part 3)

  A True Erotic Confession… (Catch up on the rest of the story by reading Part I and Part II) I woke up that next morning and reflected on how much we had done to elevate our sexual communication with… Read more →

woman lying on bed touching herself

Week of Wow (Part 2)

  A True Erotic Confession… The next day of the conference was busy as expected, and my wife had lots to do to get caught up on being weeks away from home.  I would have to settle for the occasional… Read more →

woman in lingerie lying on bed sexting

Week of Wow (Part 1)

  A True Erotic Confession… For two weeks, family travel has limited the amount of sexual contact my wife and I have been able to enjoy with each other. The times were enjoyable, but the longing for each other was… Read more →