Oral Sex is Not Foreplay

Using your mouth to stimulate your partner’s genitals is considered one of the most intimate acts between lovers.  Women and men find it incredibly pleasurable – both as givers and receivers.  It will often bring a partner to orgasm when other methods cannot.  Therefore, contrary to… Read more →

Sexual Cuddling

More than a quaint gesture of physical affection, cuddling is an intimate way to communicate.  It can comfort and soothe after a stressful day. It can make us feel warm and protected. It makes us feel closer, more connected to our… Read more →

Mapping Her Clitoris

The clitoris has only one function. One singular, delicious purpose. To provide a woman with pleasure.  This marvel of human evolution may look tiny but it actually extends about two centimeters inside a woman’s body (see diagram below).  And although… Read more →

Sexual Motivations

The desire for sex – just like most everything we do – is driven by underlying motivations. It is these sexual motivations that often determine the kind of sex we want, how frequently we want it and even the level of… Read more →

body painting

9 Creative Habits for Better Sex

Stimulating. Fluid. Connected. Inspired.  Blissful. Mysterious. Transcendent. Have you ever noticed that the words people use to describe creative flow and peak sexual experiences are identical? Or when we are completely immersed in either a sexual act or a creative one,… Read more →