Erotic Fiction

“The Gym Shower”

  “QUEEN D” (in her words)   I am showering while you’re watching me hungrily  Feeling your spying eyes, I know how much you want me  I slowly lather my body and bend over just a tad  Knowing you are growing hard from looking at… Read more →

“Office Retreat”

  She could smell both of their orgasmic residues inside of her as she readjusted in her chair. Or that’s what she was imagining smelling. He was presenting the next quarterly projections, but felt like they had a connection. She… Read more →

“Head Games”

  That feeling that emanates directly from her lips and mouth to render you to your knees as soon as they embrace your manhood.   Enticing you with perfect skill and fervor to make you sing a capella.  It renders you hostage for as long… Read more →

“Train Encounter”

This train journey will be a few hours ride All inclusive service my ticket provides I scan a few train cars and eventually see you there Sitting innocently engrossed in the outside atmosphere You are so beautiful; I automatically feel… Read more →

“Dark Tides”

It was a dark and stormy night but it was the motion of the sea that bothered him. These waters, he knew from bitter experience, could be treacherous. There was a stiff and erratic wind, for certain, but the chop… Read more →