Foreplay & Arousal

Oral Sex is Not Foreplay

Using your mouth to stimulate your partner’s genitals is considered one of the most intimate acts between lovers.  Women and men find it incredibly pleasurable – both as givers and receivers.  It will often bring a partner to orgasm when other methods cannot.  Therefore, contrary to… Read more →

Sexual Spanking

Fleshy, visually-erotic and highly sensitive during arousal, the derriere is perfectly designed to be spanked by a loving partner during sexual play.  And since they share the same neural pathways to the brain as the genitals, stimulating these “cheeky” orbs… Read more →

Strawberries and Sex

Because of its heart shape, red colour and abundance of external seeds, the succulent strawberry has long been associated with love, sensuality and fertility. Greek mythology places the origins of the wild strawberry with the Goddess Aphrodite who, upon the… Read more →

10 Oral Delights Just for Him

Bursting with sexual potency, the male penis is such a wondrous organ of beauty and sensual pleasure that it can literally bring a lover to their knees.  And while every man proudly possesses one, its many variances in shape, colour, curvature,… Read more →

Sexual Scratching

Gripping and scratching your lover’s body with your fingernails during the peak of passionate lovemaking is not a sexual encounter that is easily forgotten. Especially since the lingering love marks will no doubt leave a fond token of remembrance for whoever is… Read more →

Kissing Him

I have always found kissing to be one of the most sensual, most erotic and essential components of sexual play.  Which is why I am always surprised and a little sad to learn how often this first intimate act between couples… Read more →