Your Sex File

Since our erotic minds respond strongly to visual stimulation, why not make that boring old filing cabinet sizzle by creating a brand new file labeled, “sex”? Clip and save anything that represents or symbolizes the experiences, feelings or objects that… Read more →

Building Sexual Secrets

Want to increase the intimate connection you have with your partner? Start keeping secrets between you two – the hot, sexy kind. Similar to a mutually loved song, movie or vacation; where no one else could understand the memories but… Read more →

Let’s Play…

Without a sense of play, sex loses its spark. It is in the spirit of play that allows us to feel the freedom of our imagination. When we play, we both imagine and create, thereby expanding the dimensions of the… Read more →

Titillating the Tresses

Erotic triggers are those sensual experiences, memories, fantasies or props which connect you to your sexual self and catapults you into delicious and wild abandon. They can make you feel sexy at will, hasten your desire and admiration for your… Read more →

An Erotic Shopping Trip

An adventurous game to enhance sexual pleasure and encourage sexual experimentation is to plan a couple’s shopping trip to an upscale sex shop. The goal is to choose a sensual or sexual item (or two) that you think your partner… Read more →

Kiss Me in the Rain

“There is something magical about kissing in the rain. Rain drops fall all over you—your face, hair, skin—and your clothes cling to you as if you are melting. And your man is holding you tight as you hear nothing but… Read more →