Sex Positions

Nude couple in seated sex position

Seated Sex Position

  If you are seeking a sex position that affords an immensely intimate, tender experience consider making love while you are both seated; the preferred position of many ancient cultures before the missionary position was introduced. With the seated sex… Read more →

Floor It

  Whether it is languid, sensual lovemaking in front of a fireplace or a more torrid, spontaneous sex session in the kitchen or elsewhere; the floor – that ubiquitous hard surface – can easily accommodate both our naughty and nice… Read more →

sex in phonebooth

A Doorway to Pleasure

Doorways are seldom given consideration when couples want to add a little spice and variety to their sex lives but this seemingly innocent-looking between space has the potential to be an incredibly erotic hotspot in the home – or office… Read more →

sex in the shower

Shower Sex

With its heady combination of warm, cascading water, billowing steam and an upright position, sex in the shower is great for couples interested in either starting their day off with a bang or ending it with some hot, wet intimacy.… Read more →

nude couple spooning

Side-by-Side Sex Position

  The side-by-side or “spooning” sex position with its full-body contact is a favourite among couples as it encourages intimacy through cuddling. It is versatile and ideal for a slow, sensual and lazy sex session as well as more vigorous… Read more →