Food Play

Nude woman, strawberry

Strawberries and Sex

  Because of its heart shape, red colour and abundance of external seeds, the succulent strawberry has long been associated with love, sensuality and fertility. Greek mythology places the origins of the wild strawberry with the Goddess Aphrodite who, upon… Read more →

An Elixir for Lovers

  “Water is the driving force of all nature.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci Cool, invigorating and bursting with the primal stuff of life, water truly is an elixir for lovers. Every cell of our beautiful bodies literally owes its life… Read more →

Wet and Messy Play

Splosh Me

  Are you and your partner ready to introduce a little erotic food play into your sexual repertoire? Try sploshing. Sploshing is the most popular practice of “Wet and Messy” (WAM), a form of sexual fetishism whereby a person becomes… Read more →