Oral Sex

Tongue Teasers

It seems the primary objective for many couples is sexual intercourse; often hurrying through or completely abandoning the pleasures of oral intimacy. However, the clever use of that versatile little love muscle – the tongue – can provide greater arousal… Read more →

Arousal Can Quell Sexual Disgust

Without a doubt, sexual play is one of life’s greatest pleasures. However, since it also includes the presence of various bodily fluids – ejaculate, perspiration, saliva and even body odor – many women find certain sexual acts a complete turn-off. Fortunately,… Read more →

Gag Prevention

Some women would love to worship her partner’s most prized possession; to let him know just how cherished, loved and understood he is by taking his virile rod fully into her mouth. But this most intimate of sex acts can… Read more →