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sexual motivations

Sexual Motivations

The desire for sex – just like most everything we do – is driven by underlying motivations. It is these sexual motivations that often determine the kind of sex we want, how frequently we want it and even the level of… Read more →

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9 Creative Habits for Better Sex

Stimulating. Fluid. Connected. Inspired.  Blissful. Mysterious. Transcendent. Have you ever noticed that the words people use to describe creative flow and peak sexual experiences are identical? Or when we are completely immersed in either a sexual act or a creative one,… Read more →

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Rethinking Intercourse

Part of cultivating sexual pleasure in our relationship requires that we take time to debunk, challenge and discard many of the myths and misconceptions we have surrounding sexuality. For it is often these sexual mythologies that we have been told… Read more →

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Your Sex File

Since our erotic minds respond strongly to visual stimulation, why not make that boring old filing cabinet sizzle by creating a brand new file labeled, “sex”? Clip and save anything that represents or symbolizes the experiences, feelings or objects that… Read more →

Couple having sex by candle light

Sex in the Dark

Sex with the lights on certainly has its benefits. The ability to view a lover in all their glorious nakedness while making love can be especially stimulating and increase the level of arousal between you.  When we allow our partner… Read more →

vagina reflexology

Vagina Reflexology

Reflexology is an alternative medicine technique which uses pressure-point massage to restore the flow of energy throughout the entire body. It is based on the premise that there are zones or reflexes on different body parts that relate to every… Read more →