Resolving Issues

Sexual Motivations

The desire for sex – just like most everything we do – is driven by underlying motivations. It is these sexual motivations that often determine the kind of sex we want, how frequently we want it and even the level of… Read more →

Rethinking Intercourse

Part of cultivating sexual pleasure in our relationship requires that we take time to debunk, challenge and discard many of the myths and misconceptions we have surrounding sexuality. For it is often these sexual mythologies that we have been told… Read more →

Sexual Moods

The idea of refusing to go to work until the right mood strikes would be ridiculous to most people since the repercussions for doing so would surely impact them negatively on various professional and personal levels. Yet the same limiting tactic is… Read more →

The Astute Lover

 The ability to blend the innate primal urge to merge with the intricacies of love, anticipation, desire, arousal, affection and romance is the specialty of the astute lover. He or she has discovered that the rudimentary mechanics of sexual technique… Read more →

Maintenance Sex

While busy work schedules, child-rearing and household chores may conspire to keep us out of the bedroom; it seems our libido cannot withstand the neglect for too long. Without regular sexual activity, we will ultimately lose our sex drive, our… Read more →