True Erotic Confessions

His Proposal

  A True Erotic Confession… Many years ago, a tall, handsome man approached me. I knew immediately what he wanted, given his reputation as a womanizer, but I refused him. This went on for weeks, him asking me out and… Read more →

A Little Foreplay Fun

  A True Erotic Confession… Because of the line of work my husband and I are in, we often attend networking mixers. While a necessary part of the business, it can get rather tedious at times. But rather than succumb… Read more →

Watching Her Play…Part 1

A True Erotic Confession…   Early in the morning you awake So aroused; a decision you must make My job has kept me late so you decide to masturbate Your very wet pussy will soon enjoy something great Sliding hands up… Read more →

A Sexual Bet

    A True Erotic Confession… My wife and I have been married for 30 years. Our standard sexual bet is a “back-rub” but over the years it has become a much bigger deal. The Valentines present I bought for… Read more →