Hanky Spanky

Hanky Spanky

Hanky Spanky

A True Erotic Confession…

I arrived at your door breathless. It wasn’t so much the speed at which I had run to get there. It was more about the anticipation of spending time exploring the connection we had made – and seemed to be making, despite pushing it away. The connection was strong.

The door opened. Your smile was enough to make my heart pound harder. Your dress – cream with a pale pattern on it, revealed your curves and your deliciously long legs. Who could not stare at you? I’d watched other people look at you. Longingly. And although it felt a bit rude to stare, I had accepted your invitation to do so on more than one occasion when we had connected, and staring at you seemed to signify delight more than bad manners. You wanted me to stare, and it made the connection stronger.

You almost pulled me in the door. With a brief kiss on the cheek, you took my hand and indicated that we should run to your room.

The warmth that I felt immediately with you was electric. My breathing was unsteady, I’m sure of it. But yours was as well, and that somehow put me at ease. We didn’t have to ask if we could hug. We just hugged. I won’t forget our arms around each other and the delicious scent of your body near to me. I could have stayed in that embrace and it would have been quite enough. I was so glad it was a warm day. It meant that all I was wearing was shorts and t shirt. Oh, and the black and white striped briefs that I had chosen especially for the occasion. There is something about them. To feel hard in those briefs is an erotic experience in itself. And I knew that just hugging you was already beginning to make me hard.

The heat was stunning. I could feel your legs pressed against mine, as smooth as they were long. I felt your head next to mine as we hugged; our breathing shallow but in harmony. Your dress was clinging to your body, enabling me to feel the outline of your knickers and the clasps of your bra underneath. Running my hands up and down was not just natural; it was essential in order to connect. Your curves have always fascinated me. From seeing you walk and sit, I felt like I could make a study of every inch of your beautiful body. Your breasts were the most perfect shape; I had seen glimpses in a photograph. I sensed that today I was going to get more than a hintโ€™ that I would to able to literally make love to your breasts with my hands and mouth.

The hugging and body heat went on. My hands eventually found their way to your bottom. It wasn’t that I was obsessed with your delectable derriere, it was more that I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful bottom to hold, to touch, to kiss. I had hoped that I would be able to connect in all those ways that day. But I also knew there was another way that you wanted me to connect with it. I wanted to thank you. But I can hear the song echoing in my head as I type these words, and I can hear your voice – with more than a hint of a smile in it…

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  1. Mr Romance
    30 August, 2015 at 3:52 pm

    Thank you Lingerie Lovers for sharing your steamy erotic story with us! ๐Ÿ˜€

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