How to Give Her A Breast Orgasm

Did you know that a woman’s breasts contain the same trigger-happy nerves found in the clitoris making breast orgasms the second most common form of orgasm for women?  No wonder nipples reach out for more when kissed, caressed or otherwise stimulated. Yet most men simply ignore these magnificent twin orbs in a rush to head down south to get to where they think is the best possibility for orgasm.

What a shame.

Men don’t seem to understand that a woman’s breasts have a direct hotline to her clitoris and when breast play is done with skill and finesse, it can result in a dazzling orgasm for her. At the very least, breast and nipple stimulation can raise her libido and send her arousal soaring…and yours too!

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Just as there is no “one-size-fits-all” bra, there isn’t any one method that will work for every woman all the time. Breast sensitivity, hormonal changes, her personal preferences, etc. will influence your choice of technique. If you are unsure how best to proceed, invite your partner to play the ‘mirror game’ where you sit facing each other in the nude and get her to show you what arouses her by doing it to you first. Experiment with licking, nibbling, pinching, sucking and stroking the neck, chest and nipple area. Gauge her arousal either by watching if her nipples rise, darken and intensify or through the sex sounds she makes. You can also place your hands over hers and ask her to show you how she wants to be pleasured. If neither of these suggestions appeal to you feel free to pick and choose from the following techniques instead.


Keep in mind that the more turned on she becomes the more sensation she will be able to endure so start off slow and gentle before introducing rougher, more intense techniques.

Consider using a blindfold and/or gently restraining your partner’s hands to heighten her senses and increase her arousal.

If her nipples become erect, don’t assume that they are the result of being aroused. Nipples can get hard from unpleasant stimuli such as excessive roughness, abrasion and extreme temperatures so be sure to ask your partner if she likes what you are doing.

For best results use a combination of techniques.

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  26 comments for “How to Give Her A Breast Orgasm

  1. Rayski
    24 November, 2015 at 1:13 pm

    Would a woman go from going to give a bj to fucking the guy if he got her top off and started started playing and sucking ok n her nipples????

    • 24 November, 2015 at 3:54 pm

      As each man or woman have very individual preferences when it comes to sexual play, I cannot say with certainty that she would. For starters, it would depend on whether breast play is a sexual trigger for her. The best I can suggest is give it a try and see what happens.

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