Oral Pleasuring with Champagne


“Great love affairs start with Champagne.” ~ Honore de Balzac


Champagne, a lightly bubbled aperitif that looks like liquid diamonds, can bring a luxurious, unexpected delight to oral sex for both him and her.  


What you will need

One chilled bottle of Champagne, Prosecco, frizzante or other sparkling wine. Sparkling cider can also be used if you prefer a non-alcoholic alternative.

One very sexy pair of cotton panties for her. To guarantee that you both reap the full benefits of this pleasurable sexual activity, make sure that the panties you choose are made of cotton or other natural, breathable fabric.


Champagne Pleasure For Her

Have her stand in front of you and begin by slowly stripping her out of her clothes; plying sultry kisses onto her mouth, neck, shoulders, breasts, belly, hips and just above her pubic area. When she is completely naked, help her to slip languidly into the new cotton panties you purchased; continuing to kiss her body as you do so.

Once they are on, pull the waistband of her panties toward you, creating an opening about two or three inches wide. Pour a small amount of chilled champagne into her knickers and gently release the waistband. Resume kissing her just above her panties, allowing the champagne a few moments to soak into them and moisten her delicate flesh.

Now place your mouth against her damp panties and begin sucking the champagne through the fabric and into your mouth. As this can be an especially erotic experience, do not be startled should your partner grasp your head and press her hips against your mouth.

Continue to administer the champagne in the same manner for about three or four times, then set the bottle down. Gently grasp her panties in your hand, position your open mouth underneath and wring out the remaining champagne from her knickers onto your tongue. Keep holding her panties as you then tease her with kisses, nibbles and licks on the surrounding area. After a few moments, pull her panties to the side and start pleasuring her orally until she explodes in ecstasy like a champagne bubble.

A wonderful benefit of this technique is the positive sexual anchor it will create. For every time she slips into these particular pair of panties in the future she will be immediately reminded of this delicious encounter with your mouth.


Champagne Pleasure For Him

A man can be pleasured in the same way as above – with a pair of men’s cotton underwear, of course or you may choose to do the following instead.

Have him stand in front of you and slowly undress him while you kiss and caress him. When you have removed all of his clothing, begin to slowly stimulate him manually. When he becomes erect, take a sip of champagne. With the lovely bubbly still in your mouth, take his manhood into your mouth. Allow the effervescence of the champagne to work its magic. Be sure to do the same to his testicles, enveloping them in the warmth of your champagne-filled mouth. Continue to allow the fizz in your mouth to tease him with tingling sensations before setting down the bottle to finish pleasuring him orally. 

After you have experienced these sparkling oral techniques, it will no doubt have you and your partner smiling in secret the next time you two are served the same brand of Champagne.♥



“I’ll drink your champagne. I’ll drink every drop of it…” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

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