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penisthrustingThe Fine Art of Penis Thrusting

When it comes to sexual intercourse, many women would be delighted – in more ways than one – if their men viewed thrusting as something more than just a race to the finish line. Thrusting is a wonderful time for loving couples to touch, kiss and even dialogue… Read more.


How to Give Her A Breast Orgasm

Did you know that a woman’s breasts contain the same trigger-happy nerves found in the clitoris making breast orgasms the second most common form of orgasm for women? No wonder nipples reach out for more when… Read more.


How to Give Her A Mouth Orgasm How to Give Her A Mouth Orgasm

According to the Kama Sutra, a woman’s mouth perfectly mirrors her genitals: the lips like the labia, the Cupid’s bow like the clitoris and the hard palate just above the front teeth like the G-spot. For the man who recognizes the sensual connection between a woman’s delectable mouth and the warm… Read more.



14magicalorgasmsthumb 14 Magical Female Orgasms

Some anthropologists say that female orgasm evolved to promote pair bonding. That may be true but with at least 14 ways and places in which she can climax – with or without a partner – a woman’s orgasm has clearly moved… Read more.


penisworship2bA Woman’s Guide to Penis Worship

There are women who see the penis as nothing more than an ugly, protruding dumb stick that men love and obsess over; robbing them of their capacity for reason and often getting them into trouble. And then there are those women who see the penis…Read more.