Sensual Biting

There is nothing more erotic than a well-placed love bite. Not only does it stimulate our most primal instincts, it can be a token of trust that binds two lovers more deeply than words. Sensual biting can be used to arouse or to demonstrate a deep ravenous need between partners.

When using sensual biting to arouse your partner during foreplay:

Begin by kissing and licking your partner’s skin; pay particular attention to the erogenous zones.

Allow your teeth to softly graze the skin as you are kissing.

Gently nip and nibble being careful not to pinch or break the skin.

Your aim is to find the delicate balance between kissing and biting. Love bites should never last more than a few seconds or occur too long in one area. You want your partner to experience sensuous shivers; not sharp pains. Pay attention to your partner’s reaction. Any form of withdrawal could indicate you are being too harsh.

Avoid ruining the sensual experience with heavy gnawing, childish remarks or loud slurping or smacking noises.

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