Sublime Penetration

There are few things in the wonderful world of sexual play that is more primal, more complete and more magical than when a penis thrusts into a vagina. It is an ecstasy like no other, a seductively silent communication and ultimate act of love, trust, and intimacy between partners. Yet how many of us allow this magnificent mystery to become dull and mechanical? How many men simply pump in and out until they climax and then roll over and go to sleep? How many women just lie there like starfish until their male partner is finished and then wonders why they feel sexually frustrated? Many of us are creative and devoted lovers in every other way but fail to bring the same enthusiasm to the act of penetration.

There is an art to great penetration. It takes practice, imagination, and passion. It requires concentration and control as well as an ability to completely let go. It needs both knowledge and intuition and demands the active participation of both the man and the woman. For penetration to become truly sensational, both partners must take at least an equal part of the action.

Tips for Her

Welcome him into paradise. Men hold a reverence for a woman’s vagina so make his initial entrance into the petal-soft folds of your womanhood feel like he has entered paradise. Breathe out fully in preparation, then inhale and contract your PC muscles as his virile rod of masculinity crosses your threshold. He will feel inexorably sucked into the slick, wet heat of you or try tightening your PC muscles beforehand and then release them as he enters, you will create the sensation that your feminine portal is opening lusciously for him.

Squeeze the muscles around your vaginal opening, then the actual PC muscles a little further up and finally contract your anal and stomach muscles. You will create a rolling motion that will make your lover feel like he is being milked. Although this technique requires a bit of practice, once achieved, it will send him to the moon.

Take hold of his stiff member and guide it partway into your slippery softness. Then move your hands to his pelvis, stopping his progress. Let him begin thrusting then suddenly release your obstructing hands so that he falls unexpectedly into your warm, dark haven.

Imagine that your vagina is actually embracing your partner’s love muscle. Your hips will naturally move more nimbly, your inner muscles will caress and engulf his penis and he will feel as though you are awakening his true manhood.

While he is thrusting, place your fingers at the base of his rigid shaft. Holding down the loose skin will keep it taut and almost unbearably sensitized.

Hold him deep inside you with the grasp of your muscles. Push him out provocatively. Contract and release rapidly then slowly and sensually. Let those talented inner muscles ripple over his penis in the most delicious way. The incredible physical sensations will drive any man to the heights of passion.

Movement is everything. There is nothing sexier than an undulating pelvis. While he’s pumping into you, your hips should be thrusting up to meet his. Now while all this bumping and grinding is going on, make sure to keep kissing, licking, biting, stroking and caressing the rest of his body. Show your partner that you are on fire for him. Let him know he’s gotten you so excited you can’t control yourself; your hands and mouth are everywhere, your hips pounding wildly, your moans and sighs declaring your deepest ecstasy.

Tips for Him

Recognize that sexual intercourse is an intimate act of joining your body with hers. If you can silently communicate the specialness of this connection to your partner, you can raise her enjoyment as well as yours to an entirely new level. You can do this by slowing down your thrusts, alternating between shallow and deep penetration and voicing your pleasure with moans and groans as you glide in and out of her.

The most vivid sensations are a result of deep penetration and intense friction. Enjoy as many sex positions as you both want but during each session make sure you maneuver into a least one that provides for a very snug fit and some deeply pleasurable thrusts.

The secret is to do something extra to make it exciting and electric. When she least expects it, apply a little imagination and really drive her – and yourself – completely wild.♥

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  1. Mike
    16 November, 2013 at 4:55 am

    This post said quite a bit in a small space. I have been married for 10 years but realize that it is the little things that matter. Thanks for highlighting those. I came upon your site just now and have gotten a thorough education. Thank you for your efforts. I am going to put that 75 idea list to use.

  2. 16 November, 2013 at 10:24 pm

    Hi Mike,
    I am delighted that you are finding the blog educational and I would like to offer you a big congratulations on your 10-marriage…that is always wonderful to hear! I hope you and your wife enjoy exploring the 75 Ways to Add Variety…have fun! 😀

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