The Quickie: Express Lane Eroticism

When cultivating the erotic in marriage, we often think only of increasing the frequency of lengthy sexual play but quickies are equally essential. They provide a much-needed element of spontaneity, adventure, and thrills to marital sex. They work well with our busy schedules, cater to the differences in our sex drives and will tide us over until we can indulge in longer periods of lovemaking. Quickies enable us to tap into our sexual fantasies, break us out of sexual monotony and allow us to connect passionately with our partners – all within 20 minutes or less!

Quickies are much more than just a speedy insertion of a penis into a vagina. They can also consist of:

Oral sex performed exclusively on her or him.

A manual handjob for either him or her.

Grinding against your partner – while still fully dressed – until an orgasm is achieved.

Stimulation with a vibrator or other sex toy.

Stroking and fondling your partner’s genitalia to orgasm while fully dressed.

Anal sex

Phone sex

By moving beyond the typical PIV (penis-in-vagina) quickie, we open ourselves up to all kinds of different possibilities for express-lane eroticism.

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