Titillating the Tresses

Erotic triggers are those sensual experiences, memories, fantasies or props which connect you to your sexual self and catapults you into delicious and wild abandon. They can make you feel sexy at will, hasten your desire and admiration for your partner’s body and unleash the deeper, wilder, more daring parts of yourself. They can push your sexual boundaries and free you from the grip of inhibitions, apprehensions. and anxieties. Erotic triggers help you to tap into your passionate mind and set it free.


Is there anything more intimate and sensuous than having your lover massage your scalp and stroke your hair? Whether hurriedly bundled up or elaborately groomed, our hair is closely connected with our sense of self; disguised in plain sight as the most visible, yet vulnerable part of our sexual psyches.The emotional connection we have with our hair is evident in the relationships we have with those we allow to touch it.

Scalp Massage

Your partner will absolutely love some heavenly hair-play. A scalp massage feels incredible due to the many nerve endings located throughout and the more nerve endings the greater the potential for pleasure. Start by suggesting your lover lie back with their head on your lap. Place a towel down first to protect your clothes from oils. You can also stand behind their chair with their head relaxing back. With just a drop or two of scented massage oil on your hands, begin by gently stroking from the top of their forehead back along their scalp to the base of the neck. Repeat this a few times. Now place your fingertips at the top of their forehead again, but using a gentle pressure start massaging in dime-sized circles. Slowly move over the scalp to the base of their neck, pausing while you circle your fingertips for a bit before moving your hands back a couple of inches to restart circling again. For an added treat, occasionally sift your fingers through your partner’s man like a comb, grip a mass of hair near the roots and gently tug. Gently pulling on your lover’s hair will stimulate the nerve endings underneath the skin’s surface where your typical scalp massage cannot reach.

Let your ministrations flow from the scalp to the eyes and temples; an area that typically holds a lot of tension. While simply massaging these areas with your fingertips can certainly ease your partner’s angst, you can also eliminate stress here more effectively by pressing your fingertips on both sides and gently jiggling your hands back and forth, moving the skin with your fingertips yet keeping your actions mild enough that the head remains stationary. Unlike a stroking motion, this technique sends reverberations into the skull resulting in a deeper state of relaxation.

When your partner is putty in your hands, lead them to the bathroom, turn on the water and finish your loving attention with a thorough hair and body wash.

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