Week of Wow (Part 1)

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A Week of Wow (Part I)


A True Erotic Confession…

For two weeks, family travel has limited the amount of sexual contact my wife and I have been able to enjoy with each other. The times were enjoyable, but the longing for each other was real. Unfortunately, work conferences in different cities were going to further strain the situation. The following represents an account of how we addressed our needs…

Part I – The conference I was attending had ended for the afternoon, and I had some time alone in the hotel room prior to dinner. My wife was traveling home from her conference and was alone in the backseat of a car traveling with friends. We began texting with each other, sharing with each other highlights and details of our respective conference events.

Soon enough, the conversation shifted towards expressions of longing and desire, and we made it clear to each other that we both desperately needed a release. I stripped completely naked so that I could send to her a photo of my naked body for her enjoyment, knowing that her transportation arrangement would prevent her from acting on her needs (but certainly hoped that it contributed to her desire!). By her text response of “WOW” and “YOU LOOK AWESOME!!!”, I felt as though I had achieved my goal.

I enjoyed the sexual tension that we were creating for each other, and my communicated erection and her panty wetness indicated that we would not be waiting until I returned home at week’s end for us to address our needs. We agreed to try and spend time on the phone together later that evening, but evening events at my conference and the sheer exhaustion of her travels made that plan uncertain. She advised that she was about thirty minutes from home, and it was time for my dinner – so we signed off from our texts.

After dinner as I headed to my evening events, I had about twenty minutes to reach out to my wife to see if she had made it home ok. She had, and also had the house to herself (as the kids were at an event with friends). We resumed our earlier conversation (selfishly, I was hoping to simply keep our motors running until I would return to the hotel room a few hours later), and I made it clear that I was looking very much towards connecting later that night. She indicated that she was a little tired from the trip, but that she was hopeful that she would be awake upon my return.

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  1. Mr Romance
    24 August, 2015 at 11:29 am

    Thank you MC, for sharing these warm moments with your wife. Working around life commitments can be exciting and rewarding for both partners. 😀

    • MC
      24 August, 2015 at 6:54 pm

      Certainly! Thanks for the feedback!

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