Week of Wow (Part 3)

Week of Wow (Part 3)

Week of Wow (Part 3)


A True Erotic Confession…

(Catch up on the rest of the story by reading Part I and Part II)

I woke up that next morning and reflected on how much we had done to elevate our sexual communication with each other by not letting being physically apart to hinder our connection with each other.  Throughout our marriage, we had (for the most part) relegated our sexual interactions with each other to face to face experiences – so the phone sex of the week was a great added ‘flavor’ we had injected into our new ‘comfort zone’. 

On day 6 I began writing the first installment of the “Week of Wow.”  Recounting and revisiting the memories of the week served as a source of connection and arousal unique to any previous experience for us, and I was delighted when she read with approval Part I.  I was surprised when she asked immediately upon reading the story if I had posted it online.  She was clearly excited about the prospect of sharing with others the accounts of our story, and I was more than happy to oblige by sharing with you our week.  The day was long, but I still wanted to be sexual with her that night.  I was much more awake than her at bedtime – so rather than push for sex, I crawled in bed next to her and masturbated next to her so that I could resolve the tension of the day.  We kissed passionately while I stroked my cock, and her willingness to remain “present but not participate” during this time made for a quick release.  I cleaned the cum from my chest, and we were both soon asleep.

On day 7, there was a need for a capstone event to our wonderful week.  I was at work and decided to send my wife a text early in the afternoon providing the needed catalyst to determine our story’s conclusion.  Our text exchange was as follows: 

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